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▪ Ransomware Threats

Ransomware protection and recovery is a never-ending challenge. Organizations make investments and improve their cyber security, and cybercriminals create new hacks or discover new vulnerabilities. It is a continuous game of cyber leapfrog that every organization faces.

The number of cyberattacks is expected to double by 2025. A ransomware attack is often quickly successful, simply as a user clicks on an unsuspecting link, or the cybercriminal manipulates a loophole.

Yet, there are ways for you to be well-prepared before and after an attack. 

▪ Rapid Backup & Recovery solution

Commvault ransomware protection and recovery has your organization covered from air gap to zero trust. With high-speed rapid backup and recovery provided by Huawei OceanProtect Backup Storage, your data will be quickly and reliably backed up and restored at a low TCO.