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Solution Background

The well known health care organization established in 1954 is a non-profit-making social service organization with the purpose of promoting mental health. The association has a total of more than 50 government-funded service units/projects, assisted residences for the rehabilitation of people, and also manages a special school that provides residential care for severely disabled students. Unotech provide the Complete Safety solution to replace the existing 802.11g WiFi System in 17 Centre in Hong Kong. To improve their service and daily operation efficiency.


The outdated wireless network — a standalone solution of 40 APs — was plagued with persistent issues, such as dropped connections, dead zones and insufficient capacity, while being managed by an inconvenient system. So, they can’t fully use the IT equipment which can connect with internet and this prevented the network from meeting the demands of staffs, students, patients and guests.


To address these challenges and improve the wireless experiences of client, we provide the First WiFi 6 with Cloud Managed solution in NGO sector in Hong Kong. Which is including the cable wiring services which is using certified conduit, Fiber, LAN cable and other equipment. To ensure that is Reliable, Safety and Efficient and we could meet the following requirements: Coverage — Transmit a network signal that is available across the entire facility with no dead zones. Reliability — Create stable and reliable connections to every device. Centralized Cloud Management — Present an intuitive and efficient network management interface by control the WiFi system at Cloud Management Tools, allowing administrators easy to manage and monitor the entire wireless network everywhere.


Their management has expressed intense satisfaction with their newly implemented solution and 100% of the staff has reported improved internet service. Our Solution provided the reliable, high-performance wireless network that its client demanded. The centralized Cloud Wi-Fi management platform allows the network administrator to effortlessly manage and monitor the entire wireless network with great efficiency.