Professional Industry

Protect your data in ease and cost-effective way

Project Background

A multinational professional service company has a business requirement to discover an ease and cost-effective way to protect their over 18,000 endpoints in China and Hong Kong operation centres.



n  18,000+ Endpoint to be protected

n  Multi-location office centres

n  Cloud readiness of backup solution



Unotech provides a robust and reliable backup and recovery solution for the customer to backup on-premises endpoint data to public cloud storage. It helps saving cost on keeping long term data with a cost-effective cloud storage. The backup solution operates on public cloud service which eliminates a large expense on purchasing hardware infrastructure and reduce the cost on system support and maintenance. Customer is also beneficial to using a single management console for multi-location endpoint backup and recovery. In case of data recovery is required, data can be recovered by backup admin and even the end user thanks to the self-recovery feature. End user can retrieve their data within a very short duration and mitigate the tedious flow path.